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Learn about local history through the Digital Shoebox, turning a digital page in your yearbook or explore other local resources.  The Digital Shoebox is a collection of photos, newspaper articles, booklets, and yearbooks. The collections are made up of donated material given to libraries to scan, and present to the public. The Shoebox allows for history to be stored for future generations to enjoy.
Anthony Johnson, Technology Coordinator, will show you how on:
· Puskarich Public Library— March 21 at 5 pm.
Jack Kibble and Scott Pendleton of the Harrison County Historical Society will also be sharing local photographs to help identify individuals and
locations. (This will only be at Puskarich).
Please call 740.942.2623 to register.
· Scio Branch—March 22 at 3 pm.
Please call 740.945.6811 to register.
· Clark Branch—April 23 at 3 pm.
Please call 740.658.6811 to register.

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