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What Tree Is It? image

What Tree Is It?

Whether wandering through the woods or the neighborhood, users can use What Tree Is It? to identify their surrounding trees by leaf or fruit. Learn more by exploring trees by name.

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What's That Snake?

The Ohio snake identification guide.
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What's The Point?

Identifying flint artifacts. 
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Wolrd Book Timelines image

World Book Timelines

Explore more than 650 pre-made timelines with over 14,000 individual events, or create your own timelines!

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Worldbook Advanced logo

WorldBook Advanced

Ages 14 and up. A wealth of vetted articles supplemented by thousands of original source documents fosters advanced research and critical thinking skills and prepares students for continued growth!

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Worldbook Early Learning logo

WorldBook Early World of Learning

Three interactive learning environments for preschoolers and children in early grades.

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WorldBook Encyclopedia

Click here to go to the WorldBook Super Home Page!
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Worldbook Kids logo

WorldBook Encyclopedia Kids Version

Ages 6-10. This go-to resource is chock-full of fun activities, hands-on science projects, and age-appropriate articles, and offers image-based navigation to help young learners find information quickly and develop necessary digital literacy skills.

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WorldBook Encyclopedia Spanish Version

Click here to access the Spanish version of WorldBook Online!
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Worldbook Student logo

WorldBook Students

Ages 10-14. Tailored specifically for students, articles include multimedia and related resources to engage students, biographies, and supplemental tools to support cross-curricular studies.

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